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Our universe background

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About Science


What is Scientism? Emmanuel Huybrechts; Science v Philosophy MrT HK; The Atheist's Guide to Reality Greg Westfall; A Reply to Steven Pinker Axel Hartmann; Scientism:  A Word We Need TNS Sofres


Beyond Reductionism Killy Ridols; The Mind and Downward Causation Kiah Ankoor; Top-down Causation Christiaan Colen; Why Downward Causation is Wrong Reuben Ingber; Debating Reductionism MrT HK; Reductionism: A Beginner's Guide Dschmieding


A History of Emergence Vadim Kurland; The Music of Life Ikarusmedia; Beyond Reductionism Killy Ridols; Emergence: An Explanation Christopher Brown; The Re-emergence of Emergence Holly Victoria Norval; More is Different Horia Varlan; Emergence: Contemporary Readings Ryan Dickey; Concepts of Emergence Nic McPhee; Consciousness and Emergence Kiah Ankoor;

Narrative and Metaphor

Scientific Storytelling Radoslav Minchev; A Metaphor Too Far Christiaan Colen; The Selfish Gene S Pakhrin; Metaphor in Science Mickey Miranda; Narrative in Science Sebastien Wiertz; The Metaphor Unchained Rachel Docherty; Metaphors and Science Drestrn; The Neuroscience of Narrative Block 70; Metaphor in Evolutionary Biology Nic McPhee; Metaphors We Live By Roman Boed; Your Brain on Metaphors Kyle McDonald.

Our Universe


Luke Barnes' Blog Reuben Ingber; What to Read  Miss Dilettante; Fine-Tuning Project NASA; Welcome to the Multiverse Fronteiras do Pensamento; Does the Multiverse Exist? Petras Gagilas; Why the Multiverse isn't Science Nic McPhee; Cosmlogoy: The Science of the Universe NASA; The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning NASA;


Showdown on the Burgess Shale MrT HK; A Wonderful Life Carl Milner; Extending Evolutionary Theory Epi.Longo; Predicting E.T Damn_unique; What Do Aliens Look Like? NASA; Convergence, Adaptation and Restraint Nic McPhee;


Cooperation Masterclass Judy Dean; Supercooperators Jake Brown; Cooperation in Nature Shankar; Cooperation and Selfishness NIH; The Evolution of Cooperation Nic McPhee; The Prisoner's Dilemma Claire; Five Rules Woodleywonderworks; Game Theory Questions Cooperation Epi.Longo.

The Non-Material World


The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics Nic McPhee; The Reasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics Myrmi; Why Aristotle Was Right Ulysse Bellier; 

Non-material Realities

Plato's Works Laszlo Daroczy; Plato's Camera Luiz Filipe Carneiro Machado; The Music of Nature Ville  Hyvönen; The Mind/Brain Controversy Viktor Brezinsky; Bibliography Thomas Leuthard

Knowledge and Truth

The Limits of Knowledge

A Theory of Everything Jared Tarbell; Impossible Inferences Ivan T; The Final Phase Parameter Bond; The Island of Knowledge NASA; Dreams of a Final Theory Kasia; What We Cannot Know Judy Dean;

Beauty and Truth

Mathematical Beauty Anders Sandberg; Beautiful Symmetry Tom Marvel; The Quest for Beauty Kellinahandbasket; Science and Beauty Dottie Day; Fearful Symmetry Eric S

Different Beauties

A Tear at the Edge of Creation NASA; Truth or Beauty Kasi; In a Nutshell Reuben Ingber; Creating Beauty Felix Chen; A Sign of Truth Nic McPhee; Aesthetics in Biology NIH; Wabi-Sabi Leesean; The Divided Brain Wellcome Images;

The Sublime

Why do we Experience Awe? Scott Wylie; Music and Spirituality Pawel Maryanov; Against the Sublime Douglas Scortegagna; Beyond the Finite Gabriele Diwald; On the Sublime Horia Varlan;


Moral Truths

The Sam Harris Debate MrT HK; Moral Arguments for God Jessica Branstetter; Morality without God Nic McPheeMoral Realism: A Defence Sergio Russo; An Introduction to Ethics Christopher Brown;

Moral Instincts

The Moral Life of Babies Dhinal Chheda; A History of Evolutionary Ethics Horia Varlan; Darwinian Explanations of Morality Nic McPhee; The Biological Basis of Ethics Sage Ross; Challenging Evolutionary Ethics Vector Open Stock;

Moral Decisions

Should you Kill the Fatman? Alex Gorzen; The Trolley Problem Martin Fisch; Concerns about Trolley Problems Karyn Christner; RIP The Trolley Problem? Forsaken Fotos; Making Moral Decisions National Assembly of Wales; Rationalism v Sentimentalism Wellcome Images; Moral Decisions Thomas Leuthard; Moral Tribes Zorah Olivia; Moral Judgements Nic McPhee;

Science and Morality

A Science of the Moral Sense Simon Fraser University; The New Science of Morality Shaun Fisher; Different Worlds Reuben Ingber; Braintrust Wellcome Images; The Moral Landscape Reno Tahoe Territory; Moral Philosophy as Applied Science Nic McPhee; The Neurobiology of Morality Drestrn;


The Human Species

Knowledge Seekers D_Pham; What Makes us Human? Florian Schwalsberger; Twelve Theories Various Brennemans; Theory of Mind in Animals Leon; The Roots of Language Andrew Smith; Language, Labour, Identity Phototronic Syntropy; Animals Think Therefore... Cchana; Are Humans Just Another Primate? Judy Dean; Three Theories  Nic McPhee; Are We Smart Enough? John B Wilson; Why Can't Animals Read? Kamil Porembinski.


The Search for Meaning Transformer18; How Do You Make Life Matter? Kickize; Science and Meaning Brett Jordan; Why Are We Here? Joan Sorolla;


Peter Atkins

Galileo's Finger Daniel Boyd; The Laws of Thermodynamics Jumbero.

Simon Conway Morris

Life's Solution Mendhak.

Molly Crockett

The Neuroscience of Moral Decisions Nic McPhee.

George Ellis

Why the Multiverse isn't Science Petras Gagilas; How can Physics Underlie the Mind? NICHD/P. Basser; Does the Multiverse Really Exist? Nic McPhee; On the Moral Nature of the Universe NASA.

Jane Goodall

In the Shadow of Man Mathias Appel; Africa in my Blood Gill Penney; Does the Universe have a Purpose? Nic McPhee.

Marcelo Gleiser

A Tear at the Edge of Creation NASA; The Island of Knowledge NASA; The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected Michael.

Sunetra Gupta

The Glassblower's Breath Jason Michael.

Denis Noble

The Music of Life Website Rafael Saldana; The Third Way Vector Open Stock.

Martin Nowak

Supercooperators Jake Brown.

Roger Penrose

The Emperor's New Mind Isaiah van Hunen; Shadow's of the Mind Parameter Bond; The Road to Reality Sam Greenhalgh.

Alex Rosenberg

The Atheist's Guide to Reality Greg Westfall.

Frans de Waal

The Bonobo and the Atheist Jeroen KransenAre We Smart Enough? John B Wilson; Chimpanzee Politics Toshihiro Gamo.

Frank Wilczek

MIT Themozi; Longing for the Harmonies Mitch Huang.

Semir Zeki

The Splendours and Miseries of the Brain Wellcome Images; The Experience of Mathematical Beauty Anders Sandberg; Neurobiology of the Sublime and Beautiful Nic McPhee.